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Teens gain lifelong skills and lifelong friends

In over 70 cities, on five continents, thousands of teens from all walks of life join together to discuss their identity and what being Jewish means in the 21st century.

Living Your Dream

Creating a Life Plan for Success

Life happens; but success at life is a product of a dream, a strategy, core values, and hard work. What are the tools and values teens will need not only to get them through life, but to thrive and succeed beyond their wildest imaginations? Living Your Dream explores the concept of success.

What's best for our kids

Dennis Prager on JLI Teens

Dennis Preger, talk show host and political commentator tells us why he sends his kids to JLI Teens "I ask parents what they’d rather their child be - happy, smart, successful, or good? As for me...."

I'm a JLI Teen

Raf and Sonia, Australia

We visited Melbourne, Australia to find out what's so special about being down under. Come along as we travel the world, meeting our students, and discovering the impact they are having in the world.

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