You Make the Call!

      Debate real-life news stories such as rescuing strangers, euthanasia, and attempted suicide. The course invites students to share their views and opinions on each case. The lesson structure is built to allow each participant to render judgment on these life-and-death scenarios and then consider what ancient Judaism says about those modern-day dilemmas - discovering an entirely new way of navigating life’s tough decisions.

    • OMG!

      The Battle Between Faith and Logic

      Openly discuss your questions on faith and logic regarding the existence of G-d. Do science and Judaism conflict? Delve deeply into the Torah’s perspective on G-d, faith, and science and discover how they work hand in hand!

    • IS IT LEGIT?

      Steering Your Way Through Everyday Ethical Dilemmas

      Cruising through life you inevitably hit forks in the road, dilemmas that make you stop and think “Uh-oh, which choice do I make?” The easiest path may seem like the fast track, but it often won’t take you in the direction you want to go. So, how do you decide what’s right? What’s wrong? And more importantly, what should you do? This course is an eye-opening experience, a think-tank for teens looking to discuss and discover their own Jewish GPS for navigating life!



    The Miracle of Jewish Survival

    This series addresses important issues relevant to teens seeking to embrace their Jewish identity in a modern world. Topics include: antisemitism, assimilation, lessons from the Holocaust, the chosen people, and Jewish pride.


    Should we pay ransom to a terrorist to secure the life of a hostage? Should a murderer get to inherit the estate of his victim? When would you refuse a risky surgery? This course is filled with intriguing Torah approaches to the most impossible catch-22 situations.


    Building a Better World

    Based on the idea that one individual can change the world, this series explores Judaism’s take on modern causes such as social justice, world peace, freedom, and the environment.

  • Love Secrets: A Jewish Take

    Advice from the Most Unlikely Sources

    This course explores the messages teens are getting from the mainstream media and Western culture, concerning dating, attraction, love, beauty, and sexuality. By inviting students to take a serious look at these real life issues and the way their relationships play out in their day-to-day lives, we will transmit the profound wisdom found in Torah and Chassidus.

  • Living Your Dream

    Creating a Life Plan for Success

    Life happens; but success at life is a product of a dream, a strategy, core values, and hard work. What are the tools and values teens will need not only to get them through life, but to thrive and succeed beyond their wildest imaginations? Living Your Dream explores the concept of success.

  • Myth Busters

    What they didn't tell you in Hebrew School

    Does Judaism believe in angels? How about heaven and hell? What’s a chamsa charm used for? Why is the pig the most nonkosher of animals? And speaking of food, what are the origins of gefilte fish, cholent, and other Jewish delicacies? We’ll talk about Jews with tattoos and other taboos.

  • Why I Love Israel

    Is there something wrong with the way Israel has conducted itself in its attempts to bring peace to the Middle East? Why does it seem that Israel has so many enemies? How important is Israel to me, anyway? Your teen will take a journey; where they will virtually travel through the Holy Land, learn of the history, meaning and holiness of this ancient country. They will see how this faraway place is their home, and how their Jewish identity is connected to it.

  • Hollywood Idol

    This course will analyze how the culture of Hollywood subliminally influences our society. It offers teens the opportunity to discover how every movie—every story—is inherently a message and commentary on life. They will be challenged to consider and think deeply about these messages, whether they really agree with them, and how these values compare with those of our tradition.

  • Complicated Me

    How well do you know yourself? Do you know why you think the way you think? Is your personality a product of your upbringing or are you an independent, self-made person? Why do you feel pious one day and heretical the next? These and other questions will be explored as teens discuss and debate what makes us happy, successful, better at relationships, able to cope with stress, and more.

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